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Psoriatic nails
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Psoriasis of a fingernail
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Psoriatic nails is a nail disease. It is common in those suffering from psoriasis, with reported incidences varying from 10% to 78%. Elderly patients and those with psoriatic arthritis are more likely to have psoriatic nails.[1]:781-2


[edit] Symptoms

  • a translucent discolouration in the nail bed that resembles a drop of oil beneath the nail plate.[2]
  • a thickening of the nail (normally at the tip) with ridges, pits and discolouration.

[edit] Diagnosis

The Nail Psoriasis Severity Index (NAPSI) is a numeric, reproducible, objective, simple tool for evaluation of nail psoriasis.[6]

There is a risk of misdiagnosis with onychomycosis.

[edit] Causes

The causes of nail psoriasis are unknown. It has been suggested that fungi may play a role.[7]

[edit] Treatment

There exist numerous treatments for nail psoriasis but there is little information concerning their effectiveness and safety.[8] Treatments include topical, intralesional, radiation, systemic, and combination therapies.

  • intralesional steroid injection[17]

[edit] Relative effectiveness of treatments

Available studies lack sufficient power to extrapolate a standardized therapeutic regimen.[18]

  • Infliximab appears to be the most effective treatment for nail psoriasis to date.[19]
  • Results from low-dose acitretin therapy show NAPSI score reductions comparable with those studies evaluating biologic drugs for nail psoriasis and suggest that low-dose systemic acitretin should be considered in the treatment of nail psoriasis.[19]

[edit] Research

Active clinical trials investigating nail psoriasis:[20]

[edit] Phase IV

[edit] Phase II

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[edit] References

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