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General Information about Nail Fungus Infections

June 12, 2012
Nail fungus is mostly often seen as toenail fungus. If there is a mild infection, then this can cause little to no discomfort and...

Your Questions About Toenail Fungus Treatment

February 12, 2011
John asks… Toenail fungus??!?!?!!!? Since last year the side of my two big toenails (the skin part) have been a little red, lumpy, and...

Your Questions About Fungus Toenail

February 8, 2011
George asks… How can I make a fungus toenail fall of so that a healthy one can grow, the one on my left foot...

Your Questions About Toe Fungus Cures

February 8, 2011
Daniel asks… Natural cures for fungus toe? The side effects of drugs for fungus toe are bad.Anyone had succes using over the counter remidies...

Your Questions About Foot Fungus Remedy

February 8, 2011
James asks… what is the home remedy for foot fungus.? I am not able to get rid of it after putting so much medicine...

Your Questions About Ingrown Nail Surgery

January 29, 2011

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Joseph asks… What happens after an ingrown toe nail surgery? By surgery I mean the podiatrist removes your toe nail (in my case the...