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Your Questions About Foot Fungus Pictures

February 8th, 2011 Q & A Fungus

William asks…

What does the actual athletes foot fungus look like (i.e. under a microscope)?

I know what it looks like on a foot. I want to know what the actual fungi look like. If possible, please include a link to a picture of it.


Athlete’s foot fungus is caused by fungi in the genus Trichophyton


Looks like this:


Ruth asks…

how to get rid of foot fungus, please read.?

for a couple of months i’ve had this akward bump sometimes it’s white, and VERY hard.. and hurts like heck, and sometimes its yellow and doesnt hurt as much or just verse virsa, it was on the left foot to, then it devloped on the right.
and now, for two days my feet have been SO itchy like SO itchy i cant sleep properly, not on the fungus though just other parts of my foot, please help me with both concerns.
please help, ill post pictures : THIS IS THE RIGHT FOOT, sorry the fungus looks brown, its cause of the dirt and stuff, i was wearing flip flops. http://i36.tinypic.com/fm12lc.jpg

and this is the left, sorry again it’s brown.. just cause i was wearing flip flops. http://i34.tinypic.com/25zqe7b.jpg

they use to hurt very bad, they’ve gotten better, because i like rub them in the shower, with this thing, and it reduces the biggness, but.. please help me :’(


I had/ have the same thing but only on my right foot, your best bet is to see a foot doctor to get checked to see what it is but when i went i got put on 6 different cremes and none worked so i just became very obsessed with keeping my foot dry and clean while using a store brand fungus killer and powder it has toned down alot. I used to wake up in my sleep itching my foot but now i can sleep through the night and i find myself itching about once a day now compared to throughout the day

Donald asks…

Foot Fungus?!?!?! HELP!?

Ok so about 4 weeks ago, i noticed a tiny pimple on my right foot. It was itchy so I scratched it. Then a whole bunch of tiny bumps formed around the bump and now I have this huge red mark on the top of my foot, with lots of little bumps. Its so gross! I think its like a fungus or something, I have been putting some cream on it, like from past perscriptions for dry skin, but I dont think it works. Should I g to a doctor? I actually think i should, but what is this???I know its not athletes foot because athletes foot is nasty and mines not that bad. what could i be? ps. heres a picture.. Im really sorry by the way it looks.. its embarrassing enough… and also theres white stuff on it… THATS just CREAM!!


please help me out!!


Try soaking your foot in Listerine. It works for toenail fungus.

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Your Questions About Foot Fungus Pictures

February 8, 2011
William asks… What does the actual athletes foot fungus look like (i.e. under a microscope)? I know what it looks like on a foot....