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Your Questions About Foot Fungus Remedy

February 8th, 2011 Q & A Fungus

James asks…

what is the home remedy for foot fungus.?

I am not able to get rid of it after putting so much medicine


Rasp file

Nancy asks…

what’s the best remedy for foot fungus?

what causes it? and how long until it heals


The over the counter stuff works great. It may take a month before the stuff is gone. A word of caution. Put on socks before pulling on your underwear. The fungus can be spread up to your genitalia via your underwear and it is harder to cure there. Change your socks everyday. Leave off your socks as much as you can. The fungus does not like fresh air and light. Use bleach to clean your shower area. Pour in on full strength and let it soak for about 15 minutes. I have heard that a home remedy, never tried it, is to make a weak solution of bleach and water. Then to soak your feet for app. 15 minutes twice a day. It is supposed to help, but I wouldn’t swear by it.

Gave you a link that tells you more.

Mary asks…

would foot fungus powder work?

i have a female siberian husky that has a problem with her toe nails. i have taken her to two different vets and they both said it was due to digging. the nails look like they are being eaten by something, and they look like really old man toe nails that are fungusy. the first thought that went trough my mind was fungus when i noticed it to begin with, so since it has gotten worse and she has not been digging(they hurt so she doesnt) i am thinking both vets are wrong. i want to try a human foot fungus remedy on one or 2 of her nails to see if it helps at all. she does not like me handling the foot to much so i know its uncomfortable for her. it is just on one of her feet and not spredding to the others at all, it started with 2 nails and did spred to the rest of the foot. do you think foot fungus powder is worth a try???


Nail degradation like you describe can also be attributed to autoimmune diseases. A fungal infection can be treated orally with antifungal medications or topically (with less success)

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Your Questions About Foot Fungus Remedy

February 8, 2011
James asks… what is the home remedy for foot fungus.? I am not able to get rid of it after putting so much medicine...