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Your Questions About Fungus Toenail Fell Off

February 8th, 2011 Q & A Fungus

Maria asks…

Toenail fell off awhile ago…fungus?

So about 3 months ago my big toenail fell off as a result of dropping a heavy object on it. Now about 2/3 of it is yellowy and really gross. How can I fix this and make it look healthy again??


You just have to give it time to grow out. Toenails are pretty slow growing, so it takes time. If you’re a girl, paint it.

Joseph asks…

How to cure blister or fungus from fallen pinky toenail?

Before my pinky toenails fell off, I noticed that they were both thicker and darker from the rest of my toenails (It started after wearing a pair of tight high heels one night). Anyway, a month later after wearing the same heels, my small toenails fell off and the area where the nail used to be feels really hard. It’s almost the same color as my other toenails, except there is no toenail.

What is this and how can I get rid of it? Any home remedies you can suggest?


It toenail fungus and I suggest you use natural remedies like tea tree oil, oregano oil or jaoba oil. Or you can check out this site that I found. It has great reviews on toenail fungus cures.

Steven asks…

Does anybody have a home remedy to kill toenail fungus?

I don’t have the money to see a doctor. My one big toenail fell off. I’ve noticed the nail of the big toe on the other foot is also discoloured. Will my nails grow back normally?


I had one too for about 5 years and it was so embarrassing to me. I tried every home remedy on the internet because I was so desperate. Doctors prescribed Lamisil numerous times. It would work, but never completely and the fungus would grow back. Plus, Lamisil is very risky and could damage your liver. I hated being on it!!

Know what worked for me? A probiotic! On and off I was also having IBS-type symptoms so I started taking Sustenex which I bought at Wal-Mart for about $13. It helped the IBS symtoms immediately and within a month I also noticed the fungus going away!!! It is now a year later and the fungus has been gone and for the first time it’s not growing back. Aparently, many of us have an overgrowth of bacteria in our systems that can cause many problems, toenail fungus being one of them. Taking a probiotic adds good bacteria to your system and this quells many issues.

Please feel free to email me. I tell everyone about probiotics now because they saved me from two very seriously embarrassing conditions!!!

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Your Questions About Fungus Toenail Fell Off

February 8, 2011
Maria asks… Toenail fell off awhile ago…fungus? So about 3 months ago my big toenail fell off as a result of dropping a heavy...

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