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Your Questions About Ingrown Nail Surgery

January 29th, 2011 Q & A Fungus

Joseph asks…

What happens after an ingrown toe nail surgery?

By surgery I mean the podiatrist removes your toe nail (in my case the big toe), what happens after? Can you wear a sock and your regular shoe and go on with the daily routine or do you have to pay special attention to your toe. Do you always need to put a special band aid or always keep it covered? I’m getting my toe nail removed tomorrow so I’d appreciate some advice for anybody who has gone through it, thank you!

joma12 answers:

Both big toes!!!

Ill keep it short and simple =)

I was 17
I wore thongs for a few days.
Had cream,
I didnt have a bandage,

Getting it done – needles hurt a bit (nothing compare to the pain of the ingrown) but once the numbness kicks in your fine, and make sure you cut your toe nails STRAIGHT to aviod it occuring again!!

Sandy asks…

After ingrown nail surgery.. yellow tinged nails and skin not healing?

I had nail surgery in May and when i look at my two big toes they have a yellow tinge and the skin on the sides has not healed over completely. Please help.. I need to know what i can do to help the skin heal more and get rid of the yellow tinge :(

joma12 answers:

Yellow toenails are usually a sign of trouble to come. Although harmless bacterial colonization can cause a color change in nails (usually green), and there is a rare condition called yellow nail syndrome, by far the most common cause of yellowish or brownish discoloration in the toenails is fungus infection. Many fungi produce colored pigments when they are growing well. You need to see your doctor.


Lisa asks…

Questions about surgery for ingrown toe nail and pediatrist?

If I call a pediatrist tomorrow to talk about getting the surgery for ingrown toe nail,

Do you think I can get in tomorrow and have the procedure done?

Will they do the procedure if my toe nail is infected?

About how much does it cost?

I have heard it’s very painful as well as it is not painful at all, what did you think?

Right now it’s getting difficult to walk because it’s so infected, inflamed and painful.

joma12 answers:

If there is an infection you will need a course of antibiotics first.After that they may do a partial(just the sides) or a full removal. The partial removal is very easy and may not require any freezing.Some people do this themselves. The full removal will require a local anaesthetic. A needle in the top,sides and the bottom of the toenail. This may be very uncomfortable but it’s over pretty fast. After they do the removal there will be some bleeding so be careful for a few days. You will have to clean the area and keep it bandaged for a few days.The worst part is when the anaesthetic is wearing off. You may have some shooting pains as your nerves wake up. Only for a few hours though. The actual surgery doesn’t hurt at all. It’s a lot better then an infected toe. When the nail begins to grow out. It may be a little sore. Make sure you grow out the edges or you will get it again. Always cut straight across. Never cut down the sides. Honestly though. It’s not that bad.
As for the cost I have no Idea. Sorry. Good luck.!

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Your Questions About Ingrown Nail Surgery

January 29, 2011
Joseph asks… What happens after an ingrown toe nail surgery? By surgery I mean the podiatrist removes your toe nail (in my case the...