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Your Questions About Nail Fungus Solution

February 8th, 2011 Q & A Fungus

Paul asks…

recurring toe nail fungus?

My wife had 4 nail removal surgeries for her toe is there any permanent solution to toe nail fungus.


You may please try the following:

If she has the habit of circling the nail by pushing the skin which generally stretches from the toe to the top surface of the nail, stop doing that. Circling the nail some times opens up a gap between the nail and the toe and allows the moisture or water in it, which may infect the toes.

Whenever the toe is wet, clean the moisture with the help of tissue paper and apply simple creams like vaseline. Keep the toes warm by wearing socks ( if the climate is cold use woolen socks and if warm use cotton socks).

If her foot sweats more than normal, use cotton socks to absorb the moisture and she should wear ventilating type footware.

Before going to bed, clean the toes with warm salted water and wipe the toes with tissue paper and apply LICHENSA ointment.

Check for blood sugar and take precautions to reduce it, if any.

You can visit the following site to get some more suggestions from people who are suffereing from toe nail fungus.


Wishing u all the best.

Mary asks…

would antimicrobial nail solution help ingrown toenail?

I have an ingrown toenail, nothing to severe. And I was wondering if antimicorbial nail solution would help the puss. It is usually used for foot fungus. Just wondering…..


Buy Outgrow. Dr. Scholls rack at a Walmart or anywhere that sells foot care. But, if it’s pussed up, use Neosporin so it doesn’t get too infected. But, Outgrow to stop the ingrowing of the nail. Follow instructions.

Ken asks…

Nail Fungus Medication: Polish versus Pill?

I have a fungus in my right ring finger nail (That I lovingly call the zombie nail)
I’m been using CNL8 (Ciclopirox Topical Solution 8%) nail polish for months now, with little improvement. My dermatologist said there was also a pill you could take, but you can’t drink etc. on it because it would trash your liver. Has anyone ever taken the pill for this? Did it work? How long did it take?
I’m starting to accept the fact I would be living with it zombie nail forever… But still wondering if its worth it to try an alternative method to fighting this.


It is probably Lamisil 250mg tablets. Yes, they are very strong and will kill the fungus from within which is a lot better than the topical solution that you have been applying. The treatment depends on how severe. You will probably need it for about a week since it is only to treat a nail fungus. Check with your insurance to make sure that they cover this- they are VERY expensive!

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Your Questions About Nail Fungus Solution

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