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Your Questions About Toe Fungus Vicks

February 7th, 2011 Q & A Fungus

John asks…

Toe Nail Fungus + Vicks = Cure?

Out of curiousity if it works or not, and how long will it take to go in effect if it works/cure it?


According to Drs. Jim and Terri Graedon on www.peoplespharmacy.org it works. Go to their website for more.

Laura asks…

Has anyone heard that Vicks can help toe fungus?


There appears to be a large body of anecdotal support for this treatment. There are no scientific studies, but, based on what I have heard, it is probably worth a try.

Daniel asks…

Is it true that Vicks vapor rub/mentholatum can rid one of toe nail fungus?

I was told this by a podiatrist


Yeah, I suppose it would work but there are a host of other unorthodox remedies that will work as well. For sure I can tell you to avoid a Rx product known by it’s commercial name, Lamisil. It’s reportedly a potent oral antifungal agent that can really do a number on a person’s liver. Now tell me: Is it worth damaging your liver to rid yourself of toenail fungus? I think your answer is a resounding “No!” It’s also very expensive costing upwards of $100/month. There’s no doubt that the maker of the stuff is protecting it’s patents to it and rigging the price as high as they can get away with. I’ve had recurring bouts of toenail fungus for several years. I’ve always beens an avid walker so my feet get sweaty, which fungi love; however, I’ve had success using ordinary kitchen vinegar. Fungus hates an acidic environment which is essential what gives vinegar its sour taste – acid. So if you use the stuff twice a day dabbing it on the affected toes I can assure you postive results. I’ve found a useful website for you to refer to: http://www.healthguidance.org/entry/4948/1/Vinegar-Cure-For-Toe-Nail-Fungus.html

Sandra asks…

what study was made at michigan uiversty on vicks vapor for toe nail fungus?


Yes, it is one of the very few things that work for this nagging problem. Use it twice a day and be patient. You will see results in 6 weeks.

Maria asks…

toe nail fungus treated w/ vicks vapor rub?

does this work?

what are the EXACT directions to follow,

cut the nail?

rub it thick, light, inject it somehow

how do you know if its too deep in there to work or not?


Oh yes, I remember this from a list I got in an email of odd remedies for different problems.

If I had the problem, it wouldnt hurt to try it. I’d just rub it in just as thin/thick as I put it on for a chest cold or under the nose for sinus problems. I think I’d put a white sock on (definitely not BLACK), once or twice a day and give it a week. Cant hurt. Cut nail only if it is too long, just as normal. Good luck.

Oh, the list suggested toothpaste to clean a dirty bathtub.Pepsodent went on sale, I bought 2 tubes, (used one) and not only did the tub sparkle, it smelled great too.

You decide.

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Your Questions About Toe Fungus Vicks

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John asks… Toe Nail Fungus + Vicks = Cure? Out of curiousity if it works or not, and how long will it take to...