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Your Questions About Toenail Fungus Treatment

February 12th, 2011 Q & A Fungus

John asks…

Toenail fungus??!?!?!!!?

Since last year the side of my two big toenails (the skin part) have been a little red, lumpy, and sooo painful!
and just now i was on my bed and i realized this gooey green stuff has come out of one of my toenails! what is this?
is it fungus?
& How much does it cost to get treatment for this?
and i take a shower day and night!


Sounds like an infection. Even if it isn’t you can go to your doctor and have them look it over and tell you. If you have a foot fungus there are over the counter treatments and they range in price and effectiveness. My husband had a prescription treatment that insurance refused to cover. I wrote them a letter explaining it was a medical condition and they decided to cover it!? Either way I think it’s treatable but you should have it checked out! I am no medical expert but also I’ve heard of ingrown nails causing a lot of pain etc.

Good luck!

Robert asks…

Are there any effective non-prescription treatments out there for toenail fungus?



There are a few things you can try.

Soak the affected toenails for 15 minutes daily in a basin with a mixture of half warm water and half natural apple cider vinegar. You can also put pure, undiluted vinegar on the nail with a medicine dropper two or three times daily.

Put a few drops of tea tree oil on your toenails and cuticles every day. Rub it in completely.

Make light grooves in the affected toenails with a nail file and rub vapor rub into the top of the toenail. Do this several times a day for several days. The grooves will help the vapor rub penetrate the nail.

Try soaking your toes in antiseptic mouth wash daily after a each shower.

Create a mixture of one part soy sauce and one part pine cleaner and put a small amount in a dropper. Put a few drops on the affected nails after every shower.

Put a few fresh garlic cloves in the toes of a pair of socks and sleep in them at night or crush some fresh garlic and put it directly on the affected nails.

Check here.



Maria asks…

Can you effectively treat a Candida Cleanse/Treat Toenail Fungus if you’re also on antidepressants?

I have started on a Candida Cleanse which includes a strict diet, taking oregano oil as an antifungals and taking probiotics. As well I am doing a daily treatment for my toenail fungus (topically and internally).

My doctor has prescribed me an antidepressant (Celexa) as I am also quite clinically depressed but I am worried if I take it it would counteract the work I am doing with the antifungals. Treating my toenail fungus is a long process (could be for months up to a year). I would like to do both, however I wouldn’t want to if it meant that all the time, effort and $ spent treating the candida and my toenails would be wasted.

For those who may say ask a pharmacist – I ready have and from their perspective they say it shouldn’t effect the antidepressant. However, I am now interested in hearing from those on the other side (natural health professionals and those educated in such) to see if the antidepressant would feed the yeast or make the antifungal work less effective. ‘Regular’ health professionals often seem to think that candida overgrowth may not be an issue or that herbs have no effect, whereas natural health care professionals seem to take things such as candida overgrowth more seriously.

So, any opinions from natural health professionals and those educated in the field would be much appreciated.
And please, no spam! Thank you


Use tea tree oil on your toenail fungus. Get it at walmart. It works.

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